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Book An Accountant Online

Book an Accountant is a job offered by the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF). Booking an Accountant is the first step towards finding a suitable accounting job. Booking an Accountant helps companies and other private sectors in Nigeria hire qualified accountancy professionals for their payroll management. The bookings are done through the FMF’s Online Bookings Service. Most people who book their accounts through Online Bookings Service are able to save a lot of time and money.

Booking an Accountant via the Online Bookings Service is easy. There are three main types of booking an Accountant: personal account, group account and a corporate account. Each type has its own eligibility requirements, which are listed on the Website. Booking an Accountant through the Online Bookings Service is quick, convenient and hassle free. In fact, it may even be done from your own home. Online Bookings Service providers will then process the booking with the appropriate Accounting Firm for you. The processing can be done within one hour and you will be notified if the job has been booked or not.

There are various bookings available online and they all include certain eligibility requirements. For example, the Accounts Booking Service providers may request you to complete an online application form. You will be required to answer some basic questions about your previous employment or educational records and also to list your current employment details, e.g. names of the employer and the former employer. If you have not worked at the same employer for more than six months and have no previous work experience at the same place, this requirement may be waived. Also, the eligibility requirements for the Corporate Accountancy Services, are generally more stringent.

The process of online bookings starts with a registration on the Website with a valid email address and an internet connection. After that you need to register with the Accountants Online Booking Service providers of the FMF, and you are all set to go. The bookings will be processed and the fees will be billed to you in a few minutes.

The bookings are processed through electronic mails and are sent via the Online Bookings Service providers to the accountants. For each of these bookings, you will have the choice to pay by credit card, cheque or by cash. There are also other methods to pay depending on the bookings. You may also choose from the payment options listed on the Website.

Booking an Accountancy is not hard at all, and there is absolutely no need to attend a bookkeeping course to be qualified as an accountant. There are several companies offering online accountancy services in Nigeria and these companies may even help you find a job as an accountant. There are many accounting firms that offer accounting services on the Internet.